Social Engagement

As partners of ARICUM GmbH, acting socially responsibly for us means regularly and concretely supporting engaged and enthusiastic people and initiatives, who act as role models and improve the common good of our social environment.

As a company it is important to support and encourage the education of disadvantaged children and young people. By working with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, we have offered regular apprenticeships to young people from difficult backgrounds for decades. In order to best guarantee these apprenticeships, we are additionally involved in the audit institution of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

We have been donating used computers, monitors and printers, as well as lease recall software to nurseries and schools since the mid-nineties to ensure better media education.

In addition, every year we have free advertising quotas for non-profit organisations like the red cross, the SOS Children’s Villages and Unicef on the many online shops, portals and internet sites of our business group.

The charity events of, Unternehmergesprä and were conceived largely by our company and are encouraged and supported by Aricum GmbH to this day.

As a partner of - under the patronage of Günter Oettinger - we are part of socially engaged companies in the Heilbronn Hohenlohe Franken region and personally engaged with the advisory board of miteinander e.V.

Apprentices for our business group are fully involved in this engagement from their first day. They are thus introduced to a social commitment early on. Particular thanks go to our employees who support the projects with such motivation, and without whom a lot of what we have achieved over the last few years would not have been possible.

It’s no wonder, then, that the former Minister President Prof. Dr. hc Lothar Späth is thrilled by the engagement and, much like Friedrich Merz and Anton Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell, made his way to Flein to join in our business discussions.

Andreas Fischer & Frank Ammann
Executive Partners


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